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Dry pump installation, horizontal

OPERATION OF DRY INSTALLED SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS Flygt dry installed submersible pumps offers operational advantages in dry well pump stations: • Leakage free...

• Maintenance access to pump suction side with patented service openings
• Flygt Z lifting equipment...

Epsilon Range

Flexishaft design eliminates wearing joint components The Flexishaft® eliminates wearing components between the drive end and the pumping element. No...

Flexible-shaft concept that eliminates the wearing parts between the drive and pumping element

Pump Station Controllers

FGC 200/300

ROBUST AND FLEXIBLE CONTROL FOR SMALL PUMP STATIONS The Flygt FGC is a compact and robust, single or dual pump controller for systems up to 5.5 kW that you can...
  • Compact and robust, single or dual pump controller
  • Perfect for small residential areas
  • Modular with display,...

Pump Station Controllers

FGC 400

POWERFUL PLUG-AND-PLAY CONTROLLER FOR WASTEWATER PUMPING ​ The FGC400 contains all the capabilities needed for one or two pumps, while eliminating the need for...


  • Powerful pre-programmed functionality
  • Compact format for small control cabinets
  • User-friendly HMI with intuitive...

Flygt Basic Repair Kits

Restore the optimal performance of your pump Flygt Basic Repair Kits are available for all Flygt pump models and include the mechanical seal(s), bearings and...
  • All parts needed to overhaul a Flygt pump drive unit
  • Minimize delays due to missing parts
  • Lower price compared to...

Flygt Channel Impeller Pumps

Flygt Channel Impeller Pump 3531

WASTEWATER CHANNEL IMPELLER PUMP The classic C-pumps with shrouded impellers have proven themselves over the years and are designed to handle different types...
  • High efficiency
  • Excellent flow passing properties
  • Motors with high power density
  • Robust and reliable

Flygt Flush Valve

FLYGT FLUSH VALVE The Flygt flush valve keeps the pump sump clean, minimizing unscheduled maintenance calls. Each time the pump starts, a powerful water jet...
  • Automatic sump cleaning
  • Minimizes unscheduled maintenance calls
  • Works without power supply or control system
  • The...

Flygt N-Technology Pumps

Flygt N-Technology N 3231 Pump

WASTEWATER N-TECHNOLOGY PUMP Flygt N-pumps take on the toughest applications and get the job done. Every component is designed and manufactured to deliver...
  • State-of-the-art wastewater pump with N-technology
  • Sustained high efficiency with energy savings up to 25%
  • Flexible...

Flygt Ready Kits

Simplified kits meet equipment tolerances Xylem offers cost-effective spare part kits for Ready pumps including high quality Genuine Flygt Parts only. Each kit...
  • Complete set of parts 
  • Simplified handling 
  • Time savings 
  • Cost-efficient repairs 
  • Fast...

Flygt Shaft Units

Ensure high and consistent motor efficiency  Genuine Flygt shaft units are designed and engineered to maintain balanced rotation, which increases motor...
  • Precise tolerances and proper balancing
  • Carefully machined radiuses
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant shaft
  • Improved shaft...

Flygt Stators

Long-lasting performance to the core Flygt motors are built to last. Leveraging more than 100 years of experience, Flygt motors are designed and manufactured...
  • Optimal motor performance and extended motor life
  • Increased pump and mixer efficiency
  • Safety focus
  • Optimized heat transfer...

Flygt TOP sump bottom with discharge connection and guide system

FLYGT TOP GEOMETRY FOR A CONCRETE PUMP STATION WITH SELF-CLEANING SUMP A concrete pump station works better with the patented Flygt TOP sump geometry. The sump...
  • Flygt TOP patented geometry for a clean sump
  • Sediments are cleared by water turbulence
  • Discharge connection with...

Flygt Wear Kits

Quick, convenient and cost-effective Flygt dewatering pump repair Flygt Wear Kits include the components that usually require replacement on the hydraulic end...
  • Minimize downtime
  • Easy access to all critical parts for the most common Flygt dewatering pump repairs 
  • Lower cost...

Flygt Z lifting systems, dry horizontal pump

FLYGT LIFT FOR DRY PUMPS UP TO 100 KW, FLYGT MODELS 3085–3315 Service lifting bracket for safe handling of the drive unit and impeller, or the complete pump....
  • The Flygt horizontal (Z) lift system simplifies service handling for dry installed pumps
  • All Flygt...

Pump Controller


EFFECTIVE DEWATERING AND MOTOR PROTECTION WITHOUT LEVEL SENSORS Control systems using external floats or level sensors are often impractical in rough temporary...
  • Pump control without level sensors
  • Stops pump from running when it starts sucking air
  • Reduces wear on hydraulic...

FSI Formed Suction Intake

PROPELLER PUMP INFLOW, SUMP DESIGN Propeller pumps need a well-controlled water inflow to achieve high performance and efficiency. The Flygt FSI is an inlet...
  • Provides optimal inflow to a propeller pump
  • For pump stations with difficult inflow conditions
  • Minimized sump...

Griploc™ Mechanical Face Seals

Designed for peak performance The robust and clog-resistant design of Griploc™ mechanical face seals provide consistent performance and long, trouble-free...
  • Resistant to heat, clogging and wear
  • Outstanding leakage prevention
  • Easy to mount
  • Patented Griploc™ functionality
  • Active...

Hoses and components

DISCHARGE HOSES AND SUCTION HOSES Xylem offers first-class rubber hoses with good wear resistance. Discharge hose: Flat roll for easy handling Hose units with...
  •   Discharge hose, light and easy to handle
  •   Suction hose pipe with reinforcement
  •   Hose units with quick...

Flygt Micro Series

Indoor - Micro

MICRO PUMP STATION FOR INDOOR APPLICATIONS The Xylem range of Flygt Micro pump stations is available in several different sizes and is the ideal solution when...
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Prepared connections for inlet pipe, discharge pipe and power supply
  • Comes...

Intrinsically Safe Barrier

Flygt's Intrinsically Safe Barrier (MTISB) is certified intrinsically safe for operation in hazardous applications and are approved to be used only with Flygt...
  • Approved for use in sewerage pump stations, digesters, mining and most other hazardous installations
  • Makes specified...

Jet aerators

Convenience comes standard Convenience doesn’tcome any easier than with Xylem Flygt jet aerators. Using the Flygt pump lift and chains, simply lift and...
  • Provides reliable, low-cost oxygen transfer for small to medium-sized sludge tanks, retention tanks and...

Jumper Comb

The Jumper Comb provides a simple and neat connection between the input or output side of the MTIC 10 relay outputs to a common reference such as Ground or 120...
  • Easy connection
  • Simple setup

Leakage Sensors


Float Switches for Leakage Protection - FLS/FLS10 Submersible machines face exposure to leakage risks. That's why we equip pumps and mixers with leakage...
  • Leakage detectors for pumps and mixers.
  • Water ingress leads to warning or pump stop.  
  • Used in stator housing,...

Hydrostatic and Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

Level Probes

TRUSTED FOR DECADES The Flygt Level Probes combines easy to install, easy to use and robustness features to offer a unique level offering suitable to almost...
  • Unique level device design with fixed level points along a probe
  • Installed in thousands meaning a well proven track...