Flojet VersiJet Series industrial diaphragm pumps

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  • VersiJet Series 4-chamber industrial pump
  • VersiJet Series 5-chamber industrial pump
  • VersiJet Series 5-chamber with power cord


Product Features
  • Co-molded four and five chamber diaphragm design with cast aluminum lower housing for durability even at high pressures
  • Heavy duty motor for long life
  • Sealed motor and pressure switch for IPX6 ingress protection
  • Flow rates up to 6 GPM (22.7 LPM) and pressures up to 70 psi (4.8 bar)
  • Various elastomers for compatibility with a broad range of fluids including harsh and abrasive chemicals
  • Versatile installation due to self-priming capability
  • Able to run dry without damage
  • Quick-connect ports for easy installation and servicing

Accommodating flow rates up to 6 GPM (22.7 LPM) and pressure up to 70 PSI (4.8 bar), the Flojet VersiJet Series is equipped to tackle a variety of industrial applications, including agricultural, construction, and disinfection and sanitization, that require spraying, fluid transfer, cooling, filtration, dispensing, and pressure boosting.

Backed by the industry-leading experience of Xylem’s Flojet brand and its diaphragm pump technology, the Flojet VersiJet Series is the product to trust if you need a robust and long-lasting pumping solution. 

4-Chamber Model Numbers

Q451F-118S-2P: 12V 4.5GPM S/E 60PSI 
Q451F-168S-2P: 12V 4.5GPM S/V 60PSI 

5-Chamber Model Numbers

R8500134A: 12V 5GPM S/V 70PSI
R8500144A: 12V 5GPM S/E 70PSI
R8500334A: 24V 5GPM S/V 70PSI
R8500344A: 24V 5GPM S/E 70PSI
R8510144A: 12V 5GPM S/E No Switch
R8600134A: 12V 6GPM S/V 70PSI
R8600144A: 12V 6GPM S/E 70PSI
R8600334A: 24V 6GPM S/V 70PSI
R8600344A: 24V 6GPM S/E 70PSI
R8610144A: 12V 6GPM S/E No Switch
R8610344A: 24V 6GPM S/E No Switch
08500044A: 115V 5GPM S/E 45PSI
08500500A: 115V 5GPM S/E 20PSI PC
08500501A: 115V 5GPM S/V 20PSI PC
08600044A: 115V 6GPM S/E 35PSI
08601044A: 115V 6GPM S/E 35PSI
08601500A: 115V 6GPM S/E 35PSI PC
08601501A: 115V 6GPM S/V 35PSI PC

System Components

System Components

Straight Hosebarb Fittings

  • 2 x ¾” straight hosebarb included as standard for most VersiJet models
  • Various O-rings available to match pump elastomer material



Technical Drawings


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools