Flojet G56 Beerjet beer pump

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Product Features
  • Traverses up to 800 feet (224 meters) horizontally through a single line
  • Delivers beer neatly over 100 feet (30 meters) vertically through a single line
  • Able to dispense across multiple taps (up to three) from a single line
  • Dispenses 300 gallons (2,400 pints) of draft beer per hour
  • Service life of more than 70,000 gallons (56,000 pints)

Designed to take the variability out of beer dispensing systems, Xylem’s Flojet G56 Beerjet pump offers enhanced beer quality – from the top to the bottom of every barrel – without impacting taste. Powered by gas or compressed air, the beer is pushed through the lines to the tap without the gas or air ever coming into contact with the beer. The result? A perfect pour, from the barrel to the bar, every time.

The Flojet G56 Beerjet pump is also easy to clean and maintain and can be used as a line-cleaning pump. By disconnecting the keg coupler and submerging it in a line cleaning solution, the pump will gently draw the solution in and pump it through the system right through to the faucet.

Compatible with the Flojet Line Buddy flow reversal valve, operators can optimize line cleaning processes by running cleaning solutions through the Flojet G56 Beerjet pump in both directions. Running a cleaning solution through a beer system in alternating directions – from the faucet to the tap and back again – has been found to optimize line and pump sanitation. Flow reversal valves are an important accessory in beer pump systems.

Model Numbers:

  • G561202E
  • G56B00HG
  • G56141MG
  • G561202G
  • G56G202E
  • G561164E
  • G561162E
  • G561412E
  • G56G412E
  • G56G41MG
  • G56B29DE





Technical Drawings


Performance Curves

Performance Curves

G56 Beerjet performance curve
G56 Beerjet


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