Reduce System Losses

Reduce non-revenue water in a comprehensive, cost-effective way

The global issue of non-revenue water (NRW) is becoming an urgent priority for our sector as water scarcity, regulation, and increasingly stringent targets call for tighter control of water from source to tap. The need for proven and cost-effective solutions to identify and mitigate sources of system loss, both real and apparent, couldn't be greater.

The Power of Decision Intelligence delivers new standards of practice that combine remote sensing, real-time continuous monitoring, the targeted use of high-resolution inspection tools, and advance analytics to reduce real and apparent losses to economic levels. In addition to these approaches, modern tools include:

  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure to provide high-resolution consumption data in real time

  • Advanced data analytics applied to metering data to identify and reduce “apparent losses,” including revenue lost from meter inaccuracy

  • “Virtual” District Metered Areas (vDMAs) that monitor network regions using real-time, connected flow meters to establish water balance without hydraulic disruption

  • Continuous, multi-parameter monitoring of the distribution network with high-frequency pressure transient and acoustic sensors supported by real-time data analytics to predict, identify, characterize and locate leak and burst events

  • Targeted use of high-resolution inline inspection tools that can identify both large and small leaks and pinpoint leak locations with a very high degree of accuracy and efficiency

  • Pressure management to reduce leakage rates

Taken together, these approaches enable a comprehensive, cost-effective strategy that can help utilities gain control of leakage with significant operational, financial and community benefits.

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