Gain Control of Your Data

Empower your teams to extract real value from smarter water systems.

Utilities around the world have been working to improve their operations by making investments in distributed sensor networks and data acquisition systems, ranging from smart pumps, level sensing and flow metering devices, to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). The proliferation of sensors, data streams, and applications is as challenging as it is exciting.

Many utilities complain of a “data deluge” that is making it difficult to realize the benefits of their investments. Utility managers are working to unlock the value of their data by focusing on usability, interoperability and application development — moving from “data swamped” to “data smart.”

Water and wastewater utility managers have implemented steps to improve the visibility into and operation of their systems by increasing the data they are collecting about their networks. Key characteristics of the current state include:

  • Installation of sensors and telemetry to measure performance of existing assets and equipment to backhaul the data in real time to the cloud or an on-premise server

  • Increasingly intelligent equipment with integrated control from a range of vendors

  • Implementation of purpose-built networks and systems for specific processes in the utility (e.g. SCADA for operations and AMI for revenue collection)

  • Field staff, disconnected from existing data sets, are left to make decisions lacking available information and insights

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