Bell & Gossett Tank Heaters

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Product Features
  • Tubes are 3/4″ O.D. copper.
  • Heads are cast iron. Brass can be furnished on request. Temperature 375°F.
  • Tube sheets and welding collars are pressure vessel quality steel. Brass tube sheets can be furnished on request.
  • Tube supports are brass.
  • All materials furnished for pressure parts are certified to ASME specifications.
  • Units are available with stainless steel, 90/10 cupro nickel, Admiralty, and steel tubing. Consult factory for other variations.
  • Many Tank Heater applications require lining the tank with various materials i.e., epoxy phenolic, cement, etc. When the thickness of these linings exceed 0.01″, oversized construction must be provided. Consult factory.

Bell & Gossett Tank Heaters are 2 pass U-bend heat exchangers.
The Bell & Gossett Tank and Heater offers many advantages, as it both heats and stores the water in the same unit. It can be operated by passing either steam or hot water through the coil and is an excellent heater for hard water territories. Large capacity in small spaces makes this heater particularly suitable for boiler rooms with low head room.

Type TCW & TCS  Tank Heaters U Tube Design
Bell & Gossett TCW and TCS Tank Heaters are of the shell and tube type. The tube bundle is of U bend construction with tube ends expanded into stationary tube sheet. This construction permits ample expansion or contraction for wide temperature variations. A fluid in the tank is heated by a fluid or steam circulated through the tubes. This unit is designed primarily for natural convection in the tank. Model TCS heads are furnished with tappings for Steam, Condensate, Vacuum Breaker and Vent connections. Model TCW heads are furnished with tappings for water connections.

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