Bell & Gossett Series e-80SCXL Split-Coupled, In-Line Centrifugal Pumps

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Best-in-class performance in a durable vertical space saving design

The Series e-80SCXL pump is a highly efficient, split-coupled, vertical in-line centrifugal pump that provides efficient pumping across the widest range of operational conditions. Each pump employs high quality components especially designed to provide smooth performance, minimize maintenance and extend pump life. Designed for vertical in-line mounting, the e-80SCXL is ideal for hydronic heating and cooling systems, light industrial processes, and general service. The vertical installation is ideal for applications in which space is a challenge. 

Series e-80SCXL pumps are available in 8” through 18” discharge sizes. Motors range from 60 to 700 HP at 1750 RPM with flows to 14,500 GPM and heads to 340 feet. Available in stainless steel fitted construction, with working pressures up to 250 psig.

Product Features
  • Best-in-class hydraulic performance
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • Vertical installation reduces overall footprint
  • optimyze® Condition Monitoring Sensor comes standard
  • Several seal options

Mechanical Seal Design

The seal of the Series e-80SCXL pump has a compact Rotating Unitized Seal Head design for easy seal replacement. It features a positive metal-to-metal drive system that reduces the torsional stress on the bellows. In addition, the bellows are pressure supported without creases or folds, which creates lower stress and extends the life of the seal. The e-80SCXL pump includes a standard mechanical seal with a maximum working pressure of 16 bar. Two optional mechanical seals, each with a maximum pressure of 25 bar, are also available, one is installed internally and one for external installation. Both seal types utilize an external flush line to prolong seal life. 

Motor and Motor Bracket

The Series e-80SCXL pump accepts 60 hz TC-face NEMA Premium motors. The brackets feature a wide access area for easy seal removal.

Stainless Steel Impellers

The Series e-80SCXL pump incorporates stainless steel impellers to improve sustainable hydraulic performance, resist chemicals and reduce corrosion. They’re balanced to ANSI Grade G6.3, to provide years of quiet performance and trouble-free service.

optimyze Condition Monitoring Sensor

An optimyze Condition Monitoring Sensor comes standard on each e-80SCXL pump. optimyze Sensors provide health guidance and predictive maintenance advice for rotating and fixed assets. It periodically monitors system vibration and temperature allowing everyday users to access simple-to-use monitoring tools from iOS or Android mobile devices. Using predictive analysis, optimyze identifies potential problems with your equipment before they occur, to help you manage system reliability and maintenance.

Performance Curves

Performance Curves

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools

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