Bell & Gossett Readout Kit

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Bell & Gossett Readout Kits are designed for use with Bell & Gossett Circuit Setter Balance Valves, Circuit Sensor Flow Meters and Triple Duty Valves. They may also be used to check differential pressure across other system components including Bell & Gossett pumps, Suction Diffusers, strainers, coils, and more.

Product Features
  • Differential pressure gauge
  • Hoses with 90 micron inline filters to connect upstream and downstream of the flow measuring device
  • A set of readout probes
  • Circuit Setter calculator
  • Carrying case

The RO-2, RO-3 and RO-4 Readout Kits have valves to vent the differential pressure gauge. The RO-5 Readout Kit differential pressure gauge contains a floating piston with a continuous bleed across the piston and does not require separate valves.


RO-2 Maximum Differential Pressure (Ft): 100
RO-3 Maximum Differential Pressure (Ft): 16
RO-4 Maximum Differential Pressure (Ft): 35
RO-5 Maximum Differential Pressure (Ft): 25

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