Condensate Pumping Packages Bell & Gossett Condensate Return Pump Series CU

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These units consist of a cast iron or epoxy coated steel receiver, one or two pumps, and automatic float control.  The pumps operate according to water level change in the receiver. Standard equipment is a heavy duty two-pole float switch on single units.  A mechanical alternator is provided on duplex condensate pumps. On single phase pumps through two horsepower, the switch is factory wired.  Steel Cover Plates, Duplex cover plates are split on 24” dia., 30” dia. and larger have individual pump mounting plates.  Receivers for condensate units are preselected for 1 minute net storage.

In the selection table, you’ll find that condensate pumps are pre-selected to deliver 1 gpm per 1000 EDR according to modern practice. This is twice the condensing rate and is the recommended rating.

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