Condensate Pumping Packages Bell & Gossett Condensate Return Pump Series CHD

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Condensate Return Pump Series CHD is offered for systems up to 550,000 sq. Ft. EDR. The CHD offers a flexible solution for handling condensate in commercial applications. The CHD has a floor mounted receiver that is available in Steel, Galvanized Steel, or Epoxy Lined Steel with a manhole for inspection. ASME construction or Stainless Steel are available on request. The receiver is sized for 5-minute net storage.

The CHD is offered with either the Centriflo® Series or B35 Series pump styles. The B pumps have a suction inducer to create a positive pressure at the centrifugal impeller. The feature lowers the NPSH requirement of the pump. The CHD is available in simplex and duplex configurations. Additional pumps are available on request. All simplex units include a two-pole float switch. Duplex units include float switches (a mechanical alternator is available). All pumps are bronze fitted with bronze case wear rings and stainless steel shafts.