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Frequently Asked Questions

Avensor general

I am using Internet Explorer, but it is not working.

The Avensor application currently only supports Google Chrome.

There is an alarm in the station, but the application does not show an alarm.

Check that you have added a device in the station.

There is an alarm in the application, but I am not getting a SMS.

Please check that you have created a call list that is associated to your station. Please also verify that the users in the call list have correct phone numbers for SMS notification.

What does “Lost contact with station” mean?

It means that either the station has lost its mobile connection or that the CCD has no power.

I have a “Device Communication Error” alarm, what does it mean?

It means that the device is not communicating with the CCD. The communication cable might not be installed correctly, or the settings in the application or the device is not correct (wrong Modbus address or other communication link parameters).

When acknowledging an alarm, it is still visible as an unacknowledged alarm in the pump controller.

Yes, you have to acknowledge the alarm in the pump controller.

I got an alarm SMS, but when I log in the alarm is not there?

If you go to the alarm tab and look at the top right you can enable and disable various filters in order to active or also ceased alarms.

CCD related

What can I use the digital input to?

To connect any device with a digital signal, you need to make sure that there is a +24 V signal.

What communication parameters are supported by CCD?

Below RS232/RS485 communication parameters supported:

  • Baudrate: 9600, 14400, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200
  • Databits: 7, 8
  • Stopbits: 1, 2
  • Parity: NONE, EVEN, ODD
  • Modbus : 1-247








What is the maximum number of devices that can be connected to the CCD?

  • Only one communication interface (RS232, RS485 or Ethernet) can be used and all devices that are connected to that interface must use the same communication parameters except modbus address (e.g. baudrate, stopbits).
  • All devices that are attached to the modem must be of the same type (with exception of Seneca where you can use any of the supported Seneca-type devices).
  • Digital Input can be used regardless of any other devices or sensors.
  • Analog Input can be used regardless of any other devices or digital signals.

Additional Information from the Avensor User Guide:

What do I need to consider when installing the antenna for the CCD?

  1. Ideally use the Low-Profile Roof Mounted GSM antenna
  2. Antennas shall always be placed as far away as possible from metal or concrete surface. 20 cm is the ideal clearance and 2 cm is the minimum. Also, place the antenna away from any radio or EMC source.
  3. A suitable mounting point shall be identified for each installation. Signal strength can be viewed in the Avensor application.
  4. The antenna cable lengths shall be kept as short as possible and the cables shall be allowed to run their full length and not be coiled up. This can cause interference and cross talk. This also includes not folding unused cable back on top of itself. The cable installation shall be done as far away from any other active electronics as possible, max 10 m.
  5. The SMA antenna connectors shall be tightened with min 0.35 Nm and max 0.55 Nm.

Is it possible to connect active analog input 4-20 mA signal as well as passive analog input 4-20 mA signal to CCD401?

Yes, it is possible. Look at below diagram to understand the connection requirements:

Active Analog Input.png

Passive Analog Input.png

What kind of cables must be used with CCD401?

The terminal block is designed for stranded and solid wires with an area between 24 and 16 AWG (0, 205 – 1, 31 mm2). Stranded cable shall be striped 7 mm and twined for mounting. The orange spring button must be pressed to bottom before inserting the cable in the terminal blocks. The spring button shall be pressed behind the front surface of the terminal. For this, a tool with a small tip must be used.

What kind of cables must be used with CCD401.png

What is the IP/subnet mask for CCD401?

The IP/subnet mask for CCD401 is

I am unable to add CCD401 in Avensor

Make sure that the device is turned on with network LED solid or blinking green & cloud connection LED is solid or blinking yellow before adding the station in Avensor.

Can I use CCD401 with 12VDC instead of 24VDC?

Yes, but this will make Digital input & Digital output non-functional. Use this way only if your setup does not require them.

How many Digital Outputs are supported on CCD401? How to connect it ?

There are 2 digital outputs supported DO1 & DO2. 

Connection chart Digital Output 1 and 2 (1).png

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