Webinar: Failure Prevention Through Pipe Risk Management

March 26, 2020, 12:00 PM–01:00 PM, EST
Webinar: Failure Prevention Through Pipe Risk Management

No matter which part of your network in which you’re looking to reduce risk, your goal is to efficiently manage and prioritize high-risk assets in your water network. As a utility manager, you need to understand the condition of your network so that you can focus your resources on the assets that need it most.

This webinar will present the best practices for measuring risk and how to quantify risk ROI (RROI) to make the most out of the budget you’re spending. We will discuss:

  • Unknown problems – making sure to understand what problems (i.e. pipe failure) you could experience and how to be proactive in your asset management program
  • How age is not the best indicator of remaining useful life
  • Data augmentation – why it’s important and how does this help your utility
  • Combining CoF and PoF deliver the best options for lowering risk and improving levels of service
  • How one Mid-Atlantic Utility was able to reach a 4X failure reduction while reducing CapEx by over 70%

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