Impactful Digital Solutions that can be Applied for Less than your Monthly Phone Bill! The Future’s Calling…

May 20, 2021

Maintaining rotating machines like pumps and motors would be much easier and a lot less costly if failure modes were all related to the age of the machine. Unfortunately, they’re not ... however, most failure modes do give off early warning signals that they are in the process of occurring or are about to occur. If evidence is found that a machine is in the early stages of failure, it is often possible to take action to avoid a more costly and potentially catastrophic event. This can also prevent the associated consequences such as lost production and impact on quality should the failure occur.

In the rapidly changing landscape of digital innovation available to Water Utility owners and operators, one can easily become overwhelmed with the complexity and expense of adding and maintaining these solutions. In this webinar, we’ll focus on simple ways to make highly impactful digital upgrades to your rotating equipment. Join us to learn more about cost-effective and easily deployable vibration and temperature sensing technology that can enable condition-based maintenance strategies for pumps and motors.