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Case Studies & White Papers

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26th Ward WWTP Bypass

The Combined Sewer Overflow Regulator at the 26th Ward WWTP in Brooklyn collapsed. The estimated flow through this regulator was 85 MGD, with a combined plant...

Aeration Efficiency in Oxidation Ditches

Oxygen transfer and efficiency in water reclamation facilities are studied. In particular, design aspects of the factors affecting aeration performance in...

Alaskan town installed new Pump Stations and SCADA system

Read the Government Engineering article describing how a historic Alaskan town installed new Pump Stations and SCADA system.

Albany, NY installs Wedeco Duron UV Disinfection at South WWTP

Challenge The ACSD South Plant is a conventional activated sludge plant with an average low of 19.5 MGD, and a maximum flow of 45 MGD. Constructed in 1974, it...

Albany, NY looks to Godwin pumps for Sewer Bypass System

New York’s Albany County was in the process of updating its wastewater treatment plants when it turned to BCI Construction for a temporary bypass system to...

Standing the test of time at Amble Marina

Amble Marina
Northumberland, UK
Day in, day out, Amble Marina is filled with people fishing, racing, cruising or sailing. For the owners at Amble Marina, this means they need to be confident...

An underground pump station – fit for a king

Stockholm’s largest pump station is situated some meters below a site which was once a 17th century palace in the middle of the city. The large flows and...

AOPs for degrading metaldehyde in surface water used for drinking water

Intensive farming and the associated use of pesticides is one of the main reasons that these regulated substances can be found in the drinking water reservoirs...

Benefits of a Modern SCADA Protocol DNP3 vs Modbus

A protocol is simply the rules that govern the data transfer between parts of a control system. Differentprotocols have varying strengths and weaknesses.This...

Craft Beer Company Installs Xylem Flygt Pump System to Combat Hop Sludge

Craft Beer Company for Brewdog Brewery
Scotland, UK
In a tough environment like the brewing industry, high operating temperatures and fibrous hop sludge, can play havoc with pump equipment if it’s not specified...

Bringing pumping efficiency beyond par

England’s Northumbrian Water Ltd (NWL) serves roughly 2.5 million people with water and sewerage services. To better assess its predicted results they...

Building an Invisible and Soundless Power Plant in Italy

The Villoresi Channel
Milan, Italy
Challenge The Villoresi Channel, located north of Milan, was designed with the main purpose of agricultural irrigation while providing water to the city of...

Charles Sturt plans wisely for stormy days ahead

The City of Charles Sturt in South Australia has found real operational benefits in using the new web-based PumpView system. And because there was no software...

Circular sewage and stormwater pump station

Challenge A large combined sewage and stormwater station will be built in one of the largest cities in the world. The flow is high, the head is fairly low, and...

Circular stormwater and wastewater pump station

Challenge Situated on an estuary of a major river, one of the largest cities in China has an average annual rainfall of 1100 mm (43 in). The three-month...

Circular stormwater pump station

Challenge One of the largest airports serving France required a stormwater treatment plant to handle the inflow from a large gravity sewer collecting water...

Circular wastewater lift station

Challenge A 54,000-acre service area in a major city in Texas required assistance to handle a projected 50% increase in population and subsequent increase in...

Aeration Control Improves Treatment Stability while Saving Energy: Results from Black River Falls, Wisconsin, USA

Black River Falls, WI, USA
Implementation of the Sanitaire OSCAR process performance optimizer aeration control system at a conventional activated sludge plant in Black River Falls,...

City of Penticton doubles capacity with a Leopold Clari-DAF system retrofit to allow new flow through same footprint

The Leopold Clari-Daf system installed in the City of Penticton filters water drawn from the Okanagan Lake. The new system provides affordable clarification...

City Validates Innovative Reuse Treatment Options Without RO

Challenge Hollywood, Florida's 55.5 MGD Southern Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (SRWWTP) treats wastewater from Hollywood and six neighboring...

Clog resistance cannot be determined by throughlet size

A wastewater pump’s throughlet size is frequently used to specify clog resistance, despite data that demonstrates the irrelevance of this measurement. Clogging...

Use Them Up and Wear Them Out

Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority
Cobb County, GA
Challenge The Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority (CCMWA) is a regional public utility that provides wholesale potable water for drinking and fire protection...

Combined sewage and stormwater pump station

Challenge To develop a combined stormwater and sewage pump station at the lowest possible cost. Solution The station was designed with three Flygt CP 3501 and...

Compact stormwater pump station

Challenge Placement of a new stormwater pump station in a 10 m x 5 m (32 × 18 ft) area between two roads and a hotel in one mid-western state’s major cities....