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Water Pressure

Jabsco Water Pressure systems are designed to give you the pressure you need for fresh water and cleaning purposes.

Automatic Pressure Controlled Pumps

Pressure controlled diaphragm pumps provide boat owners with a fresh water system that is as easy to use as their domestic water supply — with the versatility to offer full flow or a trickle. The pump is controlled by a switch which senses the pressure drop when a faucet is opened and activates the pump; it turns off when the system pressure builds to a pre-set limit as the faucet is closed. This system allows any type of faucet or shower valve to be fitted, from 3/8″ (10mm) bore
for minimum water use to 1/2″ (13mm) bore for maximum flow.

Choosing the pump for your needs is simple — just check your system size and the number of outlets you need to operate simultaneously
and select the appropriate pump. Diaphragm pumps are self-priming, quiet in operation and can run dry for extended periods.

It is always best to turn the pump off and then open a tap to de-pressurize the system when you are not using the boat, as this will prolong pump life.

Accumulator Tanks

Accumulator tanks hold a reservoir of air and water downstream from the pump. The air acts as a cushion, absorbing pump and pressure fluctuations, smoothing the flow and making the system quieter. Accumulators allow the pump to reach shut-off pressure more smoothly, which reduces the on/off cycle, and gives better control of hot water delivery.


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