Mining, Quarrying & Aggregates

Smarter water management in mining starts with a holistic view of how your operation uses water from sourcing to dewatering to reuse to everything in between. Whether water is scarce or plentiful at your site, thinking about every step as part of a process versus a standalone function is how Xylem finds ways to integrate your water management to increase productivity, reduce costs and turn water management from an expense to a strategic advantage.

As regulations change, mines are under more pressure than ever to control their use of natural resources and care for the planet, while still ensuring profitability. Companies that take a strategic view of water use and social management will have a better chance of turning these systemic challenges into competitive opportunities and maintaining profitability. This is where Xylem shines. By rethinking your use – and reuse – of water, we can help you reduce your impact on the planet.

For us, supporting open pit, underground and material processing operations isn’t about offering a few key pieces of equipment and leaving you to figure out how to integrate them into your operation. Xylem is committed to providing everything you need to transport, treat and test water throughout exploration, development, operation and reclamation. Then we put it together in new, more meaningful ways to make your job easier, and your mine more efficient.