Power Plants

Power plants are and will continue to be critically important in the global energy generation infrastructure. Xylem provides pumping packages for all the main fluid cycles within power plants, as well as auxiliary cycles. Our power market experts can help solve your most complex challenges with the right customized solutions and services for any application.


Main- & Auxiliary-Cycles  

Main- & Aux.- Cycles

L  Steam-Water-Gas Cycles
L   Condensate System
P   Cooling Water Systems
G   Water Supply and Disposal
N   Prozess Heating Water System
M   Aux. Cycles Main Turbine Unit



Xylem pump applications for energy generation  • Ash Sluice
 • Auxiliary Fee Water
 • Auxiliary Cooling Water
 • Boiler Feed
 • Boiler Booster
 • Condensate
 • Deaerator
 • Demineralized Water
 • Circulating Cooling Water
 • Heater Drain
 • Intake Water
 • Seal Water
 • Service Water Slurry

Xylem Products (Pumps) & KKS-No.  

xylem pumps and KKS-No  • Can Type Turbine:  LCB
 • Centrifugal End Suction Single Stage:  PGB / PCB / PCC / LDK / GHC
 • Horizontal Ring Section Multi Stage: LCA / LCB / LAC / NDC
 • Horizontal Inline Single Stage: different positions
 • Submersible Single Stage: different positions
 • Submersible Muti Stage: different positions
 • Split Case Single Stage: different positions
 • Vertical Column Single Stage: PAC
 • Vertical Column Multi Stage: PAC
 • Vertical Lineshaft Single Stage different positions
 • Vertical Turbine different positions
 • Vertical Sump different positions
Products Brands

A broad line of fully automatic self-priming pumps used in dewatering applications.


A premium range of products and solutions for moving and treating water and wastewater.