Xylem Solutions for Energy & Power

The Power of Water: Master the water cycle for highly effective power generation

Power generation is water-dependent. Xylem delivers holistic, smart water management solutions, matched by unrivalled expertise for all forms of power generation across fossil power, renewables, biogas, waste to energy, district heating, and power to X (hydrogen).

Technology to rely on

No matter the application, power generation demands a wide portfolio of water management equipment with reliability built in, capable of coping with extreme volumes, pressure and temperature.

Next to the pumps, Xylem offers the following: 

  • Instrumentation ( p / T / n / f )
  • Coupling, motor, converter & transformer
  • Sump model test ( pump intake design / HI )
  • Water hammer analysis
  • Vacuum valve
  • Noise protection
  • Expansion joint  / check valve / strainer
  • Lubrication water skid / unit
  • Spare parts
  • Installation / Installation check-up / supervision
  • Alignment / start up / maintenance
  • Technical training and documentation
  • Logic plan / engineering / risk analysis / material assessment

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