HVAC Cooling

Cooling systems

In modern buildings there’s a focus on high comfort at low energy consumption. This means that all components, including pumps, must be energy efficient, adapt to the current need and play its part in a big, complex system. Therefor all Xylem products for heating systems are designed to meet and exceed the latest standards regarding energy efficiency and can communicate with modern building systems using for instance Modbus or BACnet.

The Xylem offer for cooling systems

Pump products and control systems for the liquid-based HVAC industry serving markets for all large commercial HVAC applications such as wet rotor circulators, in-line, end suction and split case pumps in cast iron or stainless steel as well as variable speed pump controllers.

Heat exchangers
A comprehensive range of brazed plate, gasketed, straight and u-tube heat exchangers.

Brands Case Studies

Reliable and economical solutions for pumping and circulating clean or dirty water.

Case Studies