Water disinfection solutions for drinking water

To provide safe drinking water, water utilities must ensure their water disinfection processes effectively remove pathogens. These include viruses, bacteria and protozoa. Water disinfection is the most efficient after an effective water purification and prior to addressing the removal of micropollutants, taste and odor.

With Legionella infections on the rise, it is more important than ever to ensure the highest quality of water until the point of use. Learn how Xylem can help you with all your water disinfection needs.

Xylem solutions for your water disinfection challenges

Xylem’s water disinfection solutions include WRAS-certified, ultraviolet (UV) and ozone systems. We also help you ensure quality and efficiency with our online monitoring equipment for clean water processes.

The best ROI on water disinfection technologies

As you look at disinfection technologies, your return on investment (ROI) matters. Our high-efficiency ozone and UV solutions are designed to minimize construction, energy use, and costs for chemicals, while maintaining full disinfection of water.

Reduce footprint, maintenance and chemical risks

Our UV and ozone technologies are designed as modules that can fit with your current system. These chemical-free solutions eliminate all safety risks from on-site chemical storage, and reduce maintenance due to the long life of our UV lamps and our self-wiping lamp systems.

Ensure water disinfection compliance at all times

Quality compliance is your top priority and we take it seriously. Our UV and ozone technologies have been validated and referenced in hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide. Our online water analyzer guarantees your residual disinfection at all times.

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Ozone Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems
Ozone Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems

For drinking water, wastewater treatment and other industrial processes.

Top-entry Agitators
Top-entry Agitators

For deep tank mixing in wastewater treatment processes.

UV Disinfection Systems
UV Disinfection Systems

Chemical-free disinfection of wastewater, drinking and industrial waters.

Finding ways to reduce operating costs and liability is a priority for most water and wastewater companies. It can, however, be difficult to dedicate the resources to identify cost-cutting opportunities and risk reduction measures. Getting expert...
Advanced monitoring and supervision services minimize or eliminate equipment failures and costly spills by providing early warning notification of issues, provide valuable reporting data for preventative maintenance, and allow full asset management....
With resources tight and cost-cutting measures in place across the board, companies are looking for smart ways to prevent expensive repairs and emergency call-outs. By controlling maintenance costs, you can ensure maximum equipment uptime.
The age of a customers’ equipment can affect plant efficiency, reliability and productivity. That is why it is important to refurbish assets to ensure uptime and efficiency while maintaining high health, safety and environmental standards.
Losing productivity at your water or wastewater treatment facility is unthinkable. That’s why it is important to be able to act quickly when service is required and provide prompt resolution. Fast access to engineering expertise, spare...
The age and condition of equipment has a major impact on plant efficiency, reliability and productivity. A condition audit will give a first indication regarding the potential to save energy by optimizing a system.
Using our extensive knowledge of water and wastewater systems, Xylem’s qualified service technicians provides quality repair on site or at one of our workshops.
The value generated by your water and wastewater equipment is created by its use – not by its ownership. Important decisions about investments in new equipment should be made at the most appropriate time for your operation, which is not always the...
Xylem TotalCare provides comprehensive installation and commissioning services at municipal and industrial facilities. We ensure that the installation is up and running quickly and efficiently and meets all legislative requirements. This eliminates...
When resources are tight, you still have easy access to the specialists who have the expertise to design and specify your engineering project. By outsourcing management responsibilities of your project, large or small, you reduce overhead costs as...
Xylem offer great support in all phases of a project, from planning via installation, commissioning and operation to decommissioning. We also like to share our expertise knowledge for the benefit of planners and equipment owners and users to...

Reliable and environmentally-friendly water and wastewater treatment technologies.


A premium range of products and solutions for moving and treating water and wastewater.


Biological wastewater treatment solutions for public utility and industrial applications.


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