Sanitaire TurboMAX turbo blower

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Product Features
  • Highly energy efficient - permanent magnet synchronous, high-speed motor with accurate speed control
  • Low noise and environmentally friendly – no vibration or need for oil lubrication thanks to non-contact air bearings
  • Simple plug-and-play installation - no need for extra lifting devices, special foundations or time-consuming alignment procedures; compressor tested and ready to use after local adaption and startup procedures
  • Minimal maintenance – rotating shaft is levitating during operation
  • Quick and convenient service - modular design and small foot print with easy access points
  • Zero power transmission loss and no bearing losses - direct coupled impeller on motor shaft
  • No need for sensitive electronics to control the bearing functionality or any need for power backups - fail-safe technology and safe handling of power outages or fluctuating voltages
  • Option to separate electrical components from main enclosure, to increase lifespan in warmer climates where heat may cause issues to the electronics​

Better than your traditional blower

​In a typical wastewater treatment plant, the blowers in an aeration system are the single highest energy consumer; however the most common established blower technologies are inefficient. Additionally they can be maintenance intensive and complicated to install and operate. The Sanitaire TurboMAX turbo blower - a direct-driven, high-speed, turbo blower using the latest air foil bearing technology - has a long lifetime and low maintenance requirements. TurboMAX blowers also feature real-time flow measurement with a Venturi-type flow meter at the suction side bell mouth with an accuracy of +-3%. The integrated air flow meter means there’s no need for separate, costly air flow meters.

What is a high speed turbo blower?

A turbo blower produces compressed air with an impeller rotating at high speed. Traditionally, turbo blowers have been using standard motors, gears to reach the high turbo speeds - adding complexity and maintenance- intensive parts for controlling air flows with guide vanes. High speed turbo blowers use a direct-coupled impeller that is directly connected to a permanent magnet synchronous motor operated by a variable frequency drive (VFD) for reaching higher speeds and at the same time enabling flow control. The Sanitaire TurboMAX turbo blower uses this technology. It's a single stage, centrifugal-type turbo blower consisting of state-of-the-art bump type air bearings, a high precision, aluminum alloy impeller, a high-speed permanent magnet motor, an inverter VFD, a premium controller, and an air  cooling system for the majority of sizes.

Used mainly in activated sludge plants, in both municipal and industrial wastewater, the Sanitaire TurboMAX turbo blower range covers 13 different blower sizes (15-600 kW) and flow rates of 700 to 41,000 m3/hr per blower, satisfying oxygen demands for plants 5,000 to 1.5 M PE and above. This wide range of models allows for more flexibility in designing a system to more accurately meet your needs without over or under-sizing the blowers.




Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools