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Turnkey Overpumping

Water and wastewater infrastructure suffer wear and tear due to internal and external factors such as corrosion, pressure surges etc., and consequently need repair and maintenance to continue operating at peak performance. Shutting down critical infrastructure to carry out repairs is not often a feasible option, making a temporary bypass necessary to avoid operational disruption while rehabilitating the pipe network.

Address emergencies safely

Sometimes, environmental events such as heavy rains, floods etc. can also overwhelm the existing infrastructure, necessitating a bypass implementation as a “safety valve” to mitigate negative consequences related to system overload.

Xylem Rental Solutions – More than an equipment OEM

As a leading OEM for the water infrastructure segment, Xylem offers the most sophisticated equipment backed by turnkey design, engineering, installation and remote monitoring capabilities to successfully carry out temporary over-pumping projects for both clean water and waste water applications.

A successful over-pumping project requires not only a collection of pumps, pipes, accessories etc., but also careful consideration to design, engineering and installation capabilities to ensure that the system meets the flow and discharge head requirements.

Breadth of Application Expertise

Supported by our extensive rental hub network carrying specialized pumps, monitoring and control equipment, piping and accessories ensures we address complex application needs. Xylem has carried out bespoke turnkey over-pumping projects for our customers to support applications such as pump station refurbishments, pipe network rehabilitation and repair, testing and bringing online new treatment plants, emergency flood recovery etc.

Xylem delivers complex turnkey bypass to facilitate sewer connection project in France

To address the ageing infrastructure of a French municipality, Xylem delivers a turnkey sewer bypass to test and bring online a new wastewater treatment plant without operational disruption during the switchover from the old facility to the new facility.

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Xylem delivers an emergency sewer bypass to address sewer pipe failure caused by floods

When a sewer mains break was caused by record rains and soil erosion, Xylem delivered an emergency turnkey bypass including pumps, piping, accessories and project management to ensure regulatory compliance and to minimize environmental impact.


4 steps to planning a successful sewage bypass - overpumping

When sewer systems need to undergo maintenance, complex bypass operations are often required to transfer the wastewater to another part of the system.

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