Flygt BIBO 2800 Series Flygt BIBO 2830

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Product Features
  • Classic BIBO design to improve performance
  • ​Superior wear resistant hydraulics with the Dura-Spin™​ system
  • Plug-in seal that's easy to fit and service
  • Water tight terminal board to reduce risk for consequential damage
  • Impeller sleeve with Smart System to adjust impeller quickly  

        Classic BIBO design minimizes downtime with superior wear resistance

        With more than 60 years experience of designing dewatering pumps for some of the most demanding sites around the world, the Flygt BIBO 2800 series is designed to withstand the toughest conditions.

        The Flygt BIBO 2830 pump is designed like no other pump on the market. The hydraulic design on the pump makes it several times more wear resistant in comparison with traditional dewatering pumps. Our proven expertise in hydraulics has resulted in what we call the Dura-Spin™ System. The unique closed impeller and the suction cover with Dura-Spin™ grooves work together sweeping abrasive particles away from the impeller neck. This exclusive design is just another reason why Flygt BIBO 2800 series pumps deliver ... day in and day out. 

        When we talk about the classic BIBO design, we talk about features that give the pumps a reliable performance. The wide base and the discharge on the side of the cooling jacket make the pump stable. The top provides easy access to the terminal board and the handle that will secure the pump when hanging.

        Reduce your service costs

        You expect a lot from your drainage pumps and dewatering systems. You want to spend as little time as possible servicing your pumps.

        But when service is needed, we've simplified the process so you can get back on line as fast as possible. The Flygt BIBO 2830 pump includes several smart features that make service easy, such as a standard plug-in seal. 

        The BIBO 2800 sludge pumps are built on the same 2800 Series drainage pump platform so they share many components, which means less parts in your inventory. Once you learn to service one pump in the series, you’ll know them all. 






        Tandem Connections

        •   Connects two or more pumps in series for extra high-head operation
        •   Available for Flygt 2000 or 2600 series BS version pumps
        •   Allows hose and pipe connections

        Rafts & Stands

        • Light-weight, cost-effective alternative to traditional steel pontoons
        • Used for a wide range of applications in mines, quarries, construction sites, sewage and industrial plants
        • Available for almost all Flygt pump models

        HDPE Piping

        • Strong, durable, flexible and lightweight
        • High performance and long life expectancy
        • Weather resistant​

        QD Pipe & Fittings

        • High tensile strength hot-dipped galvanized steel
        • Quick disconnect (QD) coupling system​
        • 2" to 12" pipe, fittings, and adapters available

        Genuine Parts

        Plug-In Seal

        • Single unit assembly with inner and outer seals
        • Outstanding leakage prevention
        • Solid seal ring design
        • Durable and resistant materials
        • Quick and simple installation
        • Integrated cooling pump
        • Active Seal™ on selected variants

        Active Seal Technology

        • Patented design
        • Zero leakage
        • Less downtime
        • Lower maintenance costs
        • Increased equipment lifetime

        Wear Kits

        • Minimize downtime
        • Easy access to all critical parts for the most common Flygt dewatering pump repairs 
        • Lower cost than buying individual replacement parts 
        • Simplify spare parts management 
        • Facilitate combination of kits for extensive repairs
        • Only include wear-resistant genuine Flygt Parts for long-lasting performance


        • Optimal motor performance and extended motor life
        • Increased pump and mixer efficiency
        • Safety focus
        • Optimized heat transfer and tolerance of high operating temperatures
        • Minimized risk of short circuits
        • Reliable variable frequency drive (VFD) operation
        Documentation & Tools

        Documentation & Tools