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Product Features
  • Leakage detectors for pumps and mixers.
  • Water ingress leads to warning or pump stop.  
  • Used in stator housing, junction box, inspection chamber or oil housing. 
  • Applicable with i.e. MiniCAS II, MAS 711, SmartRun and MultiSmart.

Float Switches for Leakage Protection - FLS/FLS10

Submersible machines face exposure to leakage risks. That's why we equip pumps and mixers with leakage detectors for protection and early warnings. 

Leakage from the hydraulic end through the seals is detected by using float switches of type FLS or FLS10. These sensors are incorporated in the stator housing or inspection chamber. The same type of sensors are used to protect from water ingress through bushings or cables into the junction box.

Water in Oil Sensor – CLS

Pumps with oil housings can be fitted with a water in oil sensor called CLS. It detects and warns for a water in oil content exceeding 35%. This initiates oil service. At a point when the interval between service occasions becomes short, the seal should be changed.



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