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Product Features
  • Carefully tested and selected
  • Correct lubrication
  • Protect bearing and grease from debris and contamination
  • Single supplier with unique Flygt part numbers

Selected for long-lasting performance

Bearings are key components that contribute to the long-lasting, trouble-free operation of Flygt dewatering pumps. Even though a seemingly minor part, a bearing’s life expectancy has a great influence on the maintenance intervals for major service overhaul. Thanks to years of field experience and testing, Xylem has deep understanding and knowledge of the factors that influence bearing performance and lifetime.

Based on years of product development and field-based experience, the bearings in Flygt products are selected to have a lifetime that generally exceeds 50,000 hours.

Unique Flygt part numbers ensure selection of correct bearing configuration

At first inspection, Flygt bearings may appear to be standard bearings with standard dimensions from approved and well-known suppliers. However, all bearings in Flygt products have special tolerances and clearances of high importance. Although bearings from other suppliers may have identical overall dimensions, there can be important differences which are difficult to observe with a naked eye. Consequently, proper bearing comparisons are quite difficult to achieve.

For example, the denomination specified on the outer race does not always provide sufficient information for bearing selection. This information alone is insufficient for selecting the right bearing and configuration intended for the specific Flygt pump. Using a similar bearing, where only the overall dimensions are identical, can seriously impair the bearing lifetime as well as overall product reliability, and in some cases rescind prior product approvals and void warranties.

Based on this, all bearings for Flygt pumps have unique Flygt part numbers to ensure that the correct and appropriate bearings are ordered and installed to meet equipment specifications.

With Genuine Flygt spare parts, you are guaranteed a perfect fit.


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools