Xylem is presenting its latest smart water solutions at IFAT, the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies, in Munich, May 14-18. As water managers around the world grapple with pipe leaks, energy-intensive operations, and complex network management issues, smart water technologies can be part of the solution.

Xylem has developed a platform of smart water capabilities that addresses managers’ most complex pain points. For the first time at IFAT, Xylem is showcasing smart water solutions from its Pure Technologies and Visenti brands, as well as solutions from the company’s renowned Flygt, Godwin, Jabsco, Lowara and Wedeco brands. A selection of intelligent diagnostic, analytical and optimization solutions from Xylem’s Sensus and WTW brands are also on show.

“As the global water crisis deepens, water managers are facing acute water and wastewater infrastructure challenges,” says Christian Blanc, SVP and President, Xylem Europe Commercial Team. “Against this backdrop, managers are turning to smart water technologies that offer new ways to address the industry’s challenges. IFAT provides an ideal platform to showcase our proven smart water solutions and to highlight how these solutions can enhance the productivity of water and wastewater operations, and help utilities address the issue of water affordability.”

New publication on smart water launched

Xylem is committed to leading the water sector’s migration to smart infrastructure and, as part of this effort, the company is launching a new publication at IFAT: The Smarter Water Manager – Smart Water Solutions for a Resilient Water Future. It aims to support and educate water managers about the transition to smart water.

The publication provides an overview of the future of smart water technologies and applications, the current state of the smart water industry in Europe, and details on Xylem’s smart water solutions portfolio. To complement this tool, Xylem is offering daily guided tours of its booths at IFAT to help customers understand how smart water solutions can address their unique needs.

New Godwin pump with advanced monitoring and control

Also at IFAT, Xylem is showcasing the recently launched Godwin NC150S Dri-Prime pump– the smart solution for water and the first in the new Godwin S Series. With a proven non-clog impeller, reliable self-cleaning, and advanced levels of monitoring and control, the Godwin NC150S Dri-Prime provides efficiency, reliability and sustainability. The pump lowers total cost of ownership, reduces service time by 40 percent and cuts emissions by 90 percent.

Throughout IFAT, customer demonstrations are being supported by an augmented reality (AR) app that enables visitors to experience first-hand how the smart solution operates in some of the most challenging modern wastewater dewatering applications.

New Flygt adaptive mixer that reduces energy use by 50 percent

Because wastewater treatment processes are variable, mixers should be too. With an integrated drive and remote operation, Xylem’s Flygt Adaptive Mixers ensure complete control, while the next-generation design ensures a lifetime of reliable, streamlined operation. Xylem is showcasing its Flygt Adaptive Mixers at IFAT, including the Flygt 4320 and the newly launched Flygt 4220 compact submersible mixer.

The Flygt 4220 mixer enhances the resilience and sustainability of wastewater treatment plants, enabling operators to easily meet changing mixing needs. Thanks to its readily adjustable output capabilities, the mixer can be controlled to deliver only the output required, enabling a plant to reduce its energy consumption by around 50 percent.

Intelligent Flygt Concertor solves wastewater clogging

Xylem’s Flygt Concertor is the world’s first intelligent wastewater pumping system. Since its launch in 2016, Flygt Concertor has consistently solved some of the toughest pumping challenges around the world and delivered cost-savings through clog-free and cleaner operations, as well as energy consumption optimization.

Available to view at Xylem’s booth, Flygt Concertor combines IE4 motor efficiency, N-hydraulics, integrated power electronics and intelligent controls. All these features are designed to work in harmony with each other, which results in optimal pumping performance at the lowest cost of ownership.

Presenting Xylem’s customer program Waterdrop

According to the World Health Organization and UNICEF, 2.1 billion people lack access to safe, readily available water at home. Xylem’s Watermark program provides and protects water resources in communities around the world and educates people about water issues. Another highlight at IFAT is the presentation of Xylem Watermark’s customer program, Waterdrop. Through the Waterdrop program, registered Xylem partners can collect drops which can be used to support the construction of water towers and the provision of hygiene education in schools around the world.

Where to find Xylem at IFAT

151/250, Hall C1: Xylem’s Pure Technologies, Visenti, Sensus and WTW brands.

151/250, Hall B1: Xylem’s Flygt, Godwin, Jabsco, Lowara and Wedeco brands.