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Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Applications

We spend a large amount of time in buildings. Buildings that are part of an aging infrastructure, buildings that are over 50 years old and equipped with water and heating systems that are outdated, obsolete and inefficient. Collectively, the building environment is the single largest energy consumer in the EU and one of the largest CO2 emitters. Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumed and 36% of greenhouse emissions. With a growing population, growing urbanisation, and growing demand for housing, there’s a spiralling need to look closer at how we can change the way we impact climate by adopting sustainable building solutions.

In modern buildings there’s a focus on high comfort at low energy consumption. This means all components, including pumps, must be energy efficient, adapt to the current need and play its part in a big, complex system. Hence why all Xylem products for heating systems are designed to meet and exceed the latest standards regarding energy efficiency and can communicate with modern building systems using for instance Modbus or BACnet.


Meeting Regulatory Compliance For HVAC Applications & Circulation

We’re not the only people those systems need to please. They also need to comply with government regulations, and that can be a bit trickier.

Reducing Energy Consumption For HVAC

Almost 40% of energy consumption in buildings is used by HVAC systems. Efficient, sustainable heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems are key to decarbonise buildings.

A Sustainable & Performant HVAC

At Xylem we dedicate our research to implementing products to match the highest standards for reducing carbon emission while guaranteeing comfort

Maximise The Life Of Your HVAC System

HVAC systems represent a significant investment for any company. Ensuring they are as long-lived as possible is essential to maximising the return on your investment and minimising your carbon footprint.

Solving HVAC System Costs

The cost of running and maintaining a high performing HVAC system is growing every year. How can we mitigate these costs?

Essential & Sustainable HVAC Solutions

Ensuring sustainable HVAC systems is not only a challenge in itself, it’s a common theme of most other challenges facing the industry.

Keeping HVAC Working

There’s not much worse than a poorly ventilated office in the middle of summer, except perhaps an overheated office mid-winter. Malfunctions wreak havoc, minimising malfunctions and downtime is vital.

Optimising Installations For Buildings

We can better optimise our systems through the effective use of sensory and monitoring technologies.

Featured Products & Solutions

Lowara Eco2

A highly efficient circulator for OEM applications that is engineered for optimal fluid transfer capabilities and reliable operation

Hot Water Circulators

Circulators in stainless steel or bronze for domestic hot water systems

HVAC Heating Solutions

Highly efficient products and solutions to enable high comfort with low energy consumption

HVAC Cooling Solutions

Comprehensive, energy efficient cooling systems to meet the highest of building demands

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