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    Xylem offers an extensive portfolio of measurement systems and accessories for the measurement and monitoring of water and wastewater worldwide.

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    The pH value is one of the most important and most frequently measured quantities in analytical chemistry. Discover our range of meters and electrodes.

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    Providing instrumentation for field and environmental monitoring in areas such as surface water, stormwater, drinking water, oceans, and coastal waters.

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    Water is vital for human life, and the essential ingredient for a sustainable future. This is more evident today than perhaps at any time in recent history.

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    Our mission is to provide education and equitable access to clean water and sanitation to support healthy living and help build resilient communities.

Precision Analytical Instrumentation From Xylem

Premium quality process, portable, and laboratory instrumentation for all kinds of applications

Xylem prides itself as being one of the leading manufacturers of quality environmental, process, portable, and laboratory instrumentation with a comprehensive product portfolio.

Proven premium brands, as well as innovative new developments from our own research and development, meet the high demands for precise, reliable, simple and low-maintenance quantitative and qualitative measurement analytics. Our solutions always have an eye on energy saving, process efficiency, and compliance within legal framework conditions. 

Our experts will accompany you every step of the way, answering any questions you may have through years of combined knowledge. By investing in our measurement technology (the basis for smart data management) we endeavour to strengthen your decision-making, processes, and quality control with reliable products, services, and support.


Xylem's process control instrumentation allows for the real-time monitoring of inlet and effluent waters, as well as providing real-time monitoring of hatchery tanks or RAS operations for everything from dissolved oxygen to ammonia to protect your farm's assets.

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Drinking Water

Xylem offers a range of monitoring solutions from raw water quality monitoring using multiparameter sondes measuring the vertical column, to the analysis of TOC and VOC within drinking water.


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Environmental Monitoring

Providing instrumentation for field and environmental monitoring in areas such as surface water, stormwater, drinking water, oceans, and coastal waters.


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Food & Beverage

Our holistic approach to the food and beverage market enables our customers to better control their business by increasing productivity and maximizing energy and cost savings, all whilst using water in a responsible and efficient manner.

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Analysis and quality control in industrial applications including measurement of the viscosity of polymers and oils, the development of fine or chiral chemicals, or the measuring of TAN/COD/Hydrogen peroxide using precision analytical equipment from Xylem.

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Life Science

From general analysis of raw materials, to pharmacopeia-compliant analysis, Xylem supplies a range of instrumentation for polarimetry, refractometry, spectrophotometry, biochemistry, electrochemistry, and more.

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Oceans & Coastal

Whether in shallow coastal environments, or deep blue ocean, Xylem provides solutions for environmental research used in oceanographic, hydrographic and climate research markets. From insight into waves and currents to multifaceted data collection.

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From inlet to plant through to final discharge, Xylem is a trusted partner of both the municipal and industrial wastewater industry – offering a full suite of instrumentation and knowledge.


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