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  • Lab Measurement with IDS

    inoLab® Multi IDS + IDS sensors: up to 3 channels & all parameters simultaneously

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  • A clever mind for all Parameters

    System 282/284 for small- and middle-sized plants, for all IQ sensors, with USB & data logger, available anytime

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  • The Pioneer of "Multi" Colorimeters

    For water analytics, QC and more including photometry, pH, and turbidity measurement

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WTW offers the most complete series of measuring instrumentation as well as accessories for the measurement and monitoring of water and wastewater.

The product lineup comprises portable meters, such as pocket meters, photometers and samplers, benchtop meters such as the inoLab® series, filter and spectral photometers and turbidity meters, stationary measuring systems like the IQ Sensor Net, analog monitors, samplers and systems for measuring drinking water, analyzers of the TresCon® series, for the IQ Sensor Net or drinking water, digital as well as analog and conventional sensors and accessories for almost all products.

Product Categories

Industries & Applications

Laboratory & Field

Laboratory & Field

The WTW program offers the world's most complete product line of pH, ORP, oxygen, BOD, respirometry and conductivity meters, turbidity meters and photometers including reagents. In addition to robust, waterproof portable meters, portable indestructible field meters, the product line also includes a complete series of benchtop meters and accessories as well as a multitude of completely newly developed state-of-the-art multiparameter devices for lab and field applications.

Online Measurement

Online Measurement

For the measurement and monitoring of water and wastewater, we offer the most complete series of measurement systems in the world for pH/ORP, oxygen, conductivity, nitrogen, carbon, phosphate and self-cleaning turbidity/suspended solids measuring technology as well as comprehensive accessories.

The reliability, operational safety and versatility of proven WTW measurement systems and analyzers have established WTW products as a global industry standard.

The IQ Sensor Net has been the standard for online measuring technology for years. It is suitable for conventional measuring technology with analog outputs as well as for field bus technology. The innovative digital sensors in this system reflect state-of-the-art technology.

The terminal/controller MIQ/TC 2020 XT is the extremely high-performance heart of every IQ sensor. The dual processor function inherent in every MIQ/TC 2020 XT increases system security and therefore the availability of the entire system. The integrated USB interface allows quick data exchange via USB stick or directly to external systems. The IQ Sensor Net 282/284 – the economical solution for up to four sensors - is especially suitable for central measuring points, i.e, for locations where several parameters have to be measured at the same site. For measuring points with only one parameter, the new system 181 with its fixed cable sensors is available for pH/ORP, oxygen, turbidity and conductivity – the low-costs alternative to analog measuring points. This makes the IQ Sensor Net the most flexible multi-parameter system for 1 to 20 measuring points that is based on digital technology.

About WTW

About WTW

WTW was founded in 1945 and is specialized in development and manufacturing of high quality measurement technology for water analysis.

Our product portfolio includes benchtop meters and sensors, continuously operating, stationary measuring systems and portable meters as well as sensors and probes for mobile use. There are single and multi-parameter meters. Our extensive product line includes meters for a large variety of parameters for water analytics.

Our WTW products are manufactured exclusively in Germany, directly in our Weilheim in Oberbayern site. 


Furthermore, we offer first-class service for all of our products:

Our Customer Care Center is ready to find an individual solution for the measuring problems of our customers. Our comprehensive application collection combined with expert skilled application specialists warrant quick solutions for technical challenges.

With service locations around the globe, the WTW production center in Weilheim provides quality metrology with expert support "Made in Germany". We also offer a special tender service, individual consultation, product support and much more. 


WTW has been a company of the Xylem organization since 2011, which works in its core industry all over the world. Xylem has stipulated the goal to contribute to the improvement of water management worldwide with innovative solutions and technologies.

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