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  • Critical Controls for a Critical Resource

    We produce and supply high quality measurement, monitoring and control instrumentation for water resource management operators worldwide.

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  • 21st Century Water Solutions

    Smarter water measurement and control helps save scarce resources and creates a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

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  • Growing Our Food

    Fish are bred world-wide on oceanic as well as land based constructions. Breeding fish is a delicate process and we are a part of it.

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  • We Create Cleaner Industry

    We help companies monitor, control, analyze and document their environmental influence.

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MJK provides intelligent, adaptive and sustainable measurement, monitoring and control equipment to help water resource management operators optimize critical water systems.

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Industries & Applications

Monitoring and Control

Monitoring and Control

We know that monitoring and control is a lot more than just activating pumps. Our Connect series have had great success due to the fact that it have made great savings on providing lower power consumption, longer lifetime on the pumps, fewer service hours and better utilization of the sewer system and wells. Our devices gathers data use the data intelligently to control your operation from the parameters you decide.

Level Measurement

Level Measurement

Level measurement is an important part of the processes with tanks, basins and other water containers. In many cases MJK’s comprehensive range of liquid level measurement instruments cover virtually any task imaginable. We have prioritized measuring quality, usability and lifetime. Our range covers hydrostatic, ultrasonic and mechanical contacts. The right device for the right purpose.

Flow Measurement

Flow Measurement

We produce and supply both electromagnetic flow meters and open channel flow converters for drinking water and waste water processes, as well as for industrial applications. Flow measurement is a process used frequently in drinking water and waste water processing plants. We serve waste water operations and water works with instruments that accurately determines water volume, controls processes and performs various calculations to ensure efficient use of water.

Analytical Measurement

Analytical Measurement

Analytical measurement provides important parameters for the process when working with water supply or waste water purification.MJK produces a range of sensors that measures dissolved oxygen, suspended solids/turbidity, pH and redox. The products can be used to control and improve the daily processes on waste water, drinking water or aqua culture applications.

About MJK

About MJK

MJK Automation is a leading supplier of level, flow controllers and analysis instrumentation to wastewater treatment plants, waterworks and other industries worldwide.

Since being founded in 1977, MJK Automation has enjoyed solid growth in Europe, Asia and North America.

Today, the equipment developed and produced at our facilities in Denmark is marketed and serviced in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Our Promise

Our promise is to use know-how, technology, energy and time to ensure that water is used as efficiently as possible.

Our goal is to make the world independent of water shortages through our innovation, technology and insight.

Our Culture

We have professional pride and supply products of high quality. We wish to always remain our customers' and employees' preferred choice by remaining innovative, reliable and versatile.

Our workplace is welcoming and open, with an open-door attitude to knowledge-sharing.

Great products and excellent results are created because everyone shares in the process - from production and R & D to sales and support. 

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