Flygt Low suction collars


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Product Features
  • Drain the water level down to the floor, residual pumping
  • Used by fire brigades to drain baseme‚Äčnts

Low suction function

Flygt low suction collars are available for the Flygt 2610, 2620, 2630, 2640 and Ready pumps. It allows the pump to drain the water level down to the floor, leaving a low level of water. It is often used by firefighters to drain basements filled with water.

For some installations, a check valve on the pump outlet can help prevent water in the discharge from re-flooding the floor if the pump is turned off.

Low suction components

The low suction unit is a rubber collar that easily installs around the inlet strainer of the pump. 

The flexible edge on the unit is close to the floor and allows water into the pump, yet prevents the pump from sucking air.