7 easy ways to use less water

7 easy ways to use less water

Access to clean water can easily be taken for granted. At Xylem, our goal is to find sustainable solutions to the world’s water problems. Our belief is that big changes start with small actions and you can contribute – a drop is everything! By using water in a smarter way you as an individual can reduce both the amount of water and energy you use.

1. Prepare drinking water: Keep a pitcher in your refrigerator so you won’t have to let the water run for a cool glass of drinking water. 

2. Run a full load: Only run full loads of laundry and dishes. Choose the short cycle at low water levels whenever possible. If you buy a new appliance, switch to a water-conserving model.

3. Time your sprinklers: Water your garden at night or early in the morning to minimize evaporation.

4. Flush with care: Switch to low-flow or dual flush toilets. Or put a bottle of water in the tank to take up space so that each flush uses less water.

5. Take quick showers: Replace existing showerheads with the lowest flow product you can find. The water amount and cost can be reduced by 50 percent. Showerheads with a mist setting let you reduce water flow even further. Consider setting a timer to keep your shower short.

6. Find and fix leaks: Dripping water taps can lead to major water consumption. Also, check your water meter when no one is using water in the house. If it’s moving, there’s a leak.

7. Stem the flow: Install flow restrictor aerators inside all water taps. This simple move will save up to 15 liters per minute per water tap.

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by Simon