System Engineering


At Xylem, system engineering is the science that is necessary to achieve the optimal solution to satisfy your needs. The most common example of this is sizing and selection of the right pump and piping systems for a given application. By combining a broad product portfolio with an experienced global design team, Xylem enables you to take on jobs of all sizes.

System design

System design is important when moving water and other fluids containing solids because it helps avoid solids settling and pump clogging. A badly designed system will cost more and be ineffective in energy usage. It can also create an unsafe work environment.

Big jobs

At Xylem, we know big jobs. When working pressure, flow rate, pumping distance, total dynamic head, and even pumping a particular product are outside your comfort level, we can help. Call upon the big job experts for application experience with nearly every pumping variable in virtually every pumping condition.

When you choose Xylem, you have our experienced people on your side from start to finish. Our sales engineers ensure that you purchase the right equipment for your job, whether it's routine site drainage or a large, complex sewer bypass project.

Our trained sales engineers will work beside you on everything from job walks and bid specifications to product installation, in an effort to ensure you leverage all of Xylem’s in-house expertise.

Sales and rental expertise

For sales and rentals, our applications engineers design pumping systems specific to your applications. You need to be sure that the system will fit the job site before a single pump is shipped. Our product design and applications engineers are backed by more than 100 years of combined experience, with expertise to help you choose the right pump for your rental application.

Whether the job is big or small, our people work hard to provide the extra attention and support needed to make your job run smoothly.