What's in the Numbers? A Review and Analysis of More than 400 Miles of Force Main Inspection and Condition Assessment Data

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Assessing the condition of wastewater force mains is challenging as it is often impractical from an operational and financial perspective to shut down or expose the pipeline for a thorough inspection. Traditional gravity sewer inspection techniques do not always transfer easily to their wastewater pressure pipe counterparts and visual assessments do not provide insight on the structural condition of a force main – something that is critical in determining the true pipe condition. Therefore, a different set of inspection tools and assessment techniques are required for force mains.

The most effective strategy to safely manage these assets is to implement a risk-based approach for any data collection, inspection, condition assessment, and management techniques. Using asset risk to guide the management strategies, an owner/operator can ensure they are implementing the right approach, at the right time, with the lowest financial impact.