Xylem Deployed an Efficient System to Provide Monitoring and Controls for Remote Start-up for Seep Control

Fast-Track Fly Ash Pond Seep Control


XISCS012-ACT-CoalAsh-FastTrackSeepControl-thumbnail.pngWhen two seeps were discovered at the base of the dam at an active fly ash pond, our power utility customer needed a way to quickly control and manage the escaping water before it caused soil erosion or contaminated the surrounding area. A method to control the pumps and generator had to be developed that would start the generator and pumps when needed without a dedicated power source. The customer wanted to be able to view the conditions in real time at each location, have data logs of the system operation minute by minute, and receive alarms if any issues came up – as the system was to be unmanned.

“Advanced telemetric monitoring provided control over all aspects...”


To help control capital costs, Xylem deployed an integrated mix of rental and purchased equipment from across our broad portfolio of products. Given the location of the site and the critical role our equipment would play, we had to design a low-manpower, resource-efficient system to provide advanced solar-powered monitoring and controls for remote start-up capabilities as well as complete visibility into the performance and discharge of the pumps. Advanced telemetric monitoring provided control over all aspects of the operation, while Xylem’s field team of engineering and operation specialists handled the preventive maintenance, including refueling and any necessary design modifications.


FastTrackSeepControl Image 2.png

With our deep coal ash water management expertise, our complete range of products, and our ability to respond rapidly to critical events, we were able to start the system up within the tight timeframe and make adjustments as needed to effectively redirect the leaking water back into the impoundment – keeping the pond within compliance of state and federal regulations.