Thames Water in London (UK) plans for seasonal water shortfall and reduces water usage by 13% and increase overall customer satisfaction by installing a smart water solution based on the Sensus Flexnet® communication network

London, United Kingdom

Challenge: London is located in one of the most water stressed region in the UK. Thames Water who manages the drinking water supply in the area considered the implementation of smart water communication system in order to address and reduce predicted water shortfall.

Solution: Thames Water deployed Xylem’s FlexNet fixed network system and its end-t-end smart water solution to deliver accurate daily data reads to reduce water loss and empower their customers by enabling them to take control of the water usage.

Benefit: Smart meters not only help the utility to pinpoint the exact location of issues within the network, but equally as important, they empower the customer and improved the accuracy of the billing system. With Sensus smart meters, Thames reported 13% less water usage. The use of sensors within Thames Water’s network will also enhance the water system operation, as pressure and temperature can also be monitored, which gives a better view of the overall network performance and how to make improvements.