Entega AG, based in Darmstadt (Germany), decided to install 46000 smart water meters and aims to reduce the costs for reading and replacing meters, simplifying metering operations in general and improving leakage monitoring

Darmstadt Germany

Challenge: Supply fresh drinking water to more than 46000 domestic connections and 241000 people every day in Darmstadt, Germany. The current network of water pipes has a total length of 926 km and is on average 39 years old. The water losses due to leaks amount to around 4 percent. The overall mission is to supply a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy and water.

Solution: Installing iPERL from Sensus. The customer takes readings from the intelligent water meters using a drive-by solution with a specially equipped vehicle. The reading software shows the location of all the water meters which have not been read yet. Sensus enables measurement details to be read quickly, simply and error free.  

Benefit: ENTEGA saves at least two million euro within the next twelve years. The company’s extended service package also enables them to deliver information proactively which can lower water consumption levels and improve their complaints management at the same time. Their optimized meter replacement and meter reading processes mean consumers do not have to wait at home for service staff to visit and error-prone self-readings can be avoided as well. The solution also ensures the network is monitored effectively and that losses from leaks are detected and recorded. This means the proportion of costly water losses due to faults in the network will be reduced even further.