Top water quality and less chloramines - thanks to low-pressure UV system

Freizeiteinrichtungen Stadtwerke Herford GmbH

Herford, Germany

In public swimming pools, the safe and high quality of the water, along with the well-being of the bathing guests, are a must. This is a great challenge especially when there is a large number of visitors.
An efficient and reliable solution to address water quality concerns is the  installation of the Wedeco low-pressure UV systems from Xylem. This technology has proven itself, in the water recreational facility, H2O, of the Herford Public Utility Company (Stadtwerke Herford). The chloramine load was reduced and the water quality was guaranteed, in a very energy-efficient manner, even with an influx of bathers. At the same time, the Wedeco system used by the Stadtwerke Herford consumes only about 10 percent of the total energy required when compared with an alternative medium- pressure system, as recommended by DIN 19643.

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