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Product Features
  • Turn-key water supply system housed in a lockable, vandal-resistant, aluminum container
  • Zero water wastage with 100% treated water made available for use
  • Four-stage water purification process for the provision of clean, safe drinking water from surface and ground water
  • Two onboard pumping solutions, selectable with the turn of a valve for any power condition - be it petrol or electric
  • Drinking water production at 1,500 liters per hour capable of supporting the daily drinking water requirements of up to 10,000 people

Xylem AquaBlock is a community drinking water system that produces 1,500 liters water per hour to support the daily requirements of up to 10,000 people. AquaBlock design is based on 15 years of experience in providing clean and safe portable water to over 1000 communities in 13 countries. It is suitable for any spaces including office space, public places like bus stops, railway stations etc. It can also be used in the situations where rapid response and a robust, easy to operate solution is of critical need.

Designed and packaged for optimized logistics:

  • 18 unit placement in a standard 40–feet shipping container
  • Compatibility with aircraft main cargo decks and lower cargo holds
  • Size compatibility with truck based express delivery
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