The Importance of Stocking Spare Parts

The Importance of Stocking Spare Parts

It is impossible to predict when you may need a spare part, especially with pumps operating in harsh environments. However, you can take measures to ensure that you are ready when failures occur or when it's time for routine maintenance. Stocking spare pump parts maximizes uptime for your operation and saves you money. 

Pumps and other types of rotating equipment need to be serviced on a regular basis to keep them running at their best. They often need minor repairs while in the field. When a routine service is needed or minor repairs are necessary, having parts in stock will keep your operations up and running saving you time and money. 

Imagine that you are at the jobsite on a Saturday morning and determine that your pump is going to need a new NRV ball. You have two options:

  1. Ship one in from the nearest dealer and pay hundreds or thousands in freight costs to receive it Monday or Tuesday.

  2. Or, simply find the Spare Parts kit that you purchased with your pump, pull the part that you need and make the repair that day. 

Stocking parts allows you to be prepared to respond to anything – from routine maintenance to pump failures. We recommend keeping a stock level of key service items and pump spare parts for your Godwin Dri-Prime Pumps: 

1-2 Years Parts Kit - Includes the most common wear parts needed for maintenance and repairs during the first 1-2 years of normal pump usage. Available for diesel engine driven and electric motor driven Dri-Prime pumps, each kit contains: 

  • Venturi jet and nozzle
  • Compressor line
  • Belt
  • O-rings
  • Discharge ball/seat or flapper/gasket
  • Inspection gaskets
  • PDF drawing illustrating the location of each part

Diesel Engine Filter Kit – Includes all the filters needed to service your engine at recommended intervals. Available for Tier 2, Tier 3, IT4 and T4 engines, each kit contains:

  • Oil filter
  • Fuel filter(s)
  • Air filter(s)
  • Compressor filter (if applicable)

Dri-Prime Mechanical Seal Kit – Includes all of the parts needed to replace your mechanical seals. Available for diesel engine driven and electric motor driven Dri-Prime pumps, each kit contains:

  • Viton/ss gaskets to work with standard or stainless units.
  • All components needed to replace mechanical seal with one part number and one kit.

Ejector Service Kit – Includes all of the parts needed to quickly replace the Dri-Prime Venturi system. Available for standard and SS builds, each kit contains:

  • Ejector
  • Nozzle
  • Collar
  • Screen gasket
  • O-rings
  • Ejector ball

Xylem offers everything you need for your Godwin pumps, so that you can have the spare parts on hand to make sure you minimize downtime, reduce unnecessary shipping costs and keep your equipmentrunning at peak performance. If you need any assistance selecting the correct spare parts for your Dri-Prime pump, please contact your local Xylem representative. 

by Christopher L. Salstrom