Expertise is the X Factor with Rental Pumps

Expertise is the X Factor with Rental Pumps

If you had a question about how to do a step-over move in soccer, would you rather get your answer from a sporting goods salesperson or the star player on a Women's World Cup team?

It's always better to go to the source because that's where you get deeper knowledge and unmatched expertise. This is true in every walk of life, including pump rentals. There are plenty of places to rent a pump for construction projects or for mining, marine or municipal applications, but before you pick one off the shelf or out of a catalog, consider what you are really getting beyond the product itself.

At Xylem, we design, manufacture and rent our own equipment. Does this matter? We think so. While general rental companies stand by their pumps, we do more than that – weunderstand them. With over 100 years of heritage behind both our Godwin and Flygt brands, we ushered in the modern-day pump industry and continue to follow that up with one pumping innovation after another. We're not generalists who know a few facts about forklifts, a little bit about landscape equipment and some sales specs about pumps. We know everything there is to know about the pumps you are about to rent.

When you rent a pump from Xylem, you're getting a team of experts who can help make sure you apply the equipment in the right way every time. That's not a small detail. If you're looking for a rental pump, chances are you are dealing with a dewatering emergency, sewer bypass situation, pipeline maintenance or some other urgent or cost-sensitive operation. You're already wrestling with one problem, and don't want to add any more due to issues with your pump provider.

When the 
city of Raleigh, North Carolina found a leak in a 30-inch sewer line running alongside a local creek under the I-440 Beltway, city officials called on Xylem for dewatering help. Our Raleigh branch got the call on Tuesday afternoon and located all necessary equipment within an hour. Four additional surrounding branches helped to mobilize equipment, and we were able to deliver Godwin rental pumps and accessories to the site overnight. As soon as the trucks arrived, the equipment was put to use.

We're not the only pump manufacturer with a rental fleet, but we're the biggest and have a good grasp of what pump rental customers should be looking for in their suppliers. Make sure that your supplier can provide:  

  • Deep knowledge of pumps, pumping technology and customer applications
  • Design know-how that ensures all the equipment – pump, engine, skids, trailers, variable frequency drives and electronic control panels – will operate reliably in rugged rental environments
  • Dedication to delivering the right product solutions for the job, along with exceptional service and customer value

When you find the right pump provider, the benefits to you can't be overstated. Your problems are solved faster. Costs are kept down because there's no wasted time waiting for pumps, or getting the wrong type of pump for the situation at hand. And stress levels are lower because you are dealing with experts who not only answer – but anticipate – your questions and concerns.

There's no substitute for unmatched expertise, especially during dewatering and emergency pump rental situations that demand not only a quick answer, but the right answer. For more information on a rental solution from Xylem, contact your local sales representative.  


by Jackie Helfrich