Flygt Horizontal Dry Pit Submersible N-impeller Pumps in Swan River, MB


Ross Street Station, the main lift station located in the town of Swan River in Manitoba, Canada, was constructed in 1975, and by 2012 parts for its original pumps could no longer be easily and readily obtained. Pump components that failed had to be manufactured, which was costly and made for long lead times. During the 2012 Manitoba Summer Games, Swan River received a monumental rainstorm that dumped over 76 mm (~3 in) of water on the area. The town soon discovered that a motor on the dry side of Ross Street Station had shorted out due to excessive moisture.

After speaking with their consulting engineer, Associated Engineering, and Xylem, the town selected three Xylem Flygt horizontal dry pit, flood-proof NZ-3171 submersible pumps to replace the old equipment. These medium-capacity 600-volt, 30-horsepower pumps include self-cleaning N-impellers.

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