Flygt Axial Flow Propeller Pumps Addresses Chronic Flooding in El Paso, TX


CEA Group determined that the flooding in El Paso was directly linked to high water levels in the Rio Grande River during heavy rains. Storm sewer inlets that were added in the past in an attempt to drain the area were connected to a system that drained a watershed at a higher elevation, causing the runoff from upstream storms to create a backup in the drainage system, flooding the Chihuahuita neighborhood.

The project required the design of a pump station that would be able to efficiently transport the stormwater and utilize the smallest footprint possible. The Flygt axial flow propeller pumps PL7061 were selected due to their high efficiency and low power consumption. The design also utilized Flygt Formed Suction Intake (FSI) devices to ensure optimal pump inlet hydraulic conditions. In addition, this configuration allowed a more constant pumping condition regardless of the river level.

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