Surface Water & Groundwater

Surface Water Quality

Surface water quality is measured in lakes, rivers, wetlands, and estuaries. Our multi-parameter instrumentation allows for concurrent measurement of key parameters imperative to understanding, protecting, and improving aquatic habitats. Baseline sampling and monitoring of water quality provides a record of changes in quality over time, and our continuous monitors capture a high temporal resolution data to detect events like algae blooms, fish kills, sediment plumes, and floods. This data record can help quantify change associated with best management practices as well as inform decisions.


Necessity of Groundwater Resources

Groundwater is one of the world’s most precious resources. It is the primary source of drinking water for approximately ½ of the world’s population and immense amounts of groundwater are utilized for agriculture. Overuse has led to the depletion of our groundwater resources resulting in a drying up of wells, decrease in groundwater quality, saltwater intrusion, land subsidence, and a reduction in surface water levels. Our groundwater resources are not only threatened by excess extraction, they are also threatened by industrial, agricultural, and municipal sources of contamination.

Surface Water & Groundwater Fisheries