Water Rides & Attractions

Kayaking, rafting and other water rides

Water rides and courses take many forms, they are found in both leisure parks and competitive in sports. We help design your pump system for everything from water parks, amateur courses to professional courses like the ones used in the Olympic Games. In fact, Flygt pumps can be found operating in many artificial kayaking courses around the world. Other common applications include artificial rivers for river rafting, long flume rides and lazy rivers.

No matter how much water or what velocity you need through the ride or course, our pumps can take on the challenge. The flow rate can be easily adjusted, turning a white water kayaking course into a leisurely flowing river for amateurs in a matter of minutes. The pumps can be installed in many different ways, connecting to an existing river or using water from a lake or reservoir. Submersible Flygt pumps enable compact and silent installations, hidden away from public view so that guests will never notice them.

Understanding your challenges

  • Often operated continuously during facility opening hours
  • Pump selection and system design for reliability and minimum energy usage
  • Pump reliability is key, since installed spares are rarely used
  • Risk of clogging due to circulation of water without proper cleaning
  • Construction costs often dictate shallow pump stations to minimize excavation
Pressure Boosting
Water Rides & Attractions Pressure Boosting