Pumps for Water Rides & Indoor Surfing Machines

Land-based surfing anywhere

Surfing in unexpected locations is becoming vastly popular. This is made possible when the first land based artificial surfing attractions became commercially available in the early 1990's. By creating a thin sheet flow and a standing wave, surfers are free to surf in different locations anywhere on shore. Pumps are used to create a constant and controllable flow that together with the special shape of the ride creates non-stop flow and curling waves. Whether used in surf training, competitions, amusement parks or mobile facilities, Flygt pumps help keep the surf up reliably and energy efficiently at both indoor and outdoor venues.

Photo courtesy of WaveLoch Inc.

Understanding your challenges

  • Continuous operation during opening hours
  • Pump selection and system design must minimize energy use
  • Customers often require shallow pump stations to minimize excavation costs
  • User safety is paramount (mechanical and electrical aspects)
  • Risk for corrosion depending on type of pool disinfection
  • Challenging inflow conditions
Pressure Boosting
Surf Rides Pressure Boosting