Xylem has launched the fifth generation of Hydrovar, a variable speed drive pump controller that can reduce a pump’s energy consumption by as much as 70 percent. The intelligent control system adapts to system demands, so users can save money and energy while achieving optimum performance.

The new Hydrovar can run systems with up to eight pumps. Its multi-master functionality enables each individual pump to take control if one or more units or sensors are not active. This continuous booster system operation ensures reliable water pressure across various residential, industrial and commercial applications.

“Variable speed drives are one of the most critical components of a pump system,” says Giorgio Sabbatini, Global Commercial Building Services Business Unit Director at Xylem. “They drive operational and energy efficiencies and save building owners and operators time and money. We’ve developed this next generation Hydrovar to be an advanced control system with expanded capabilities.”

Lower energy and operational costs with Hydrovar

Using Hydrovar with an existing pump can lead to significant energy savings, especially when operating at partial loads. It can be efficiently retrofitted to any standard asynchronous pump motor suitable for variable speed operation.

“In many cases, pump systems are oversized for the application and use more energy than needed for typical operation,” Sabbatini says. “The fifth generation Hydrovar varies motor speed to match system demands, keeping energy and operational costs low. Additionally, the soft start-and-stop functionality adapts pressure according to system requirements, dramatically extending equipment life.”

Easy installation

The fifth generation Hydrovar is designed to accommodate both new and retrofit installations. A newly added wiring harness provides safe and easy access to the wiring, while protecting the unit’s electronic components. The clip-and-go mounting system further simplifies the direct fitting process.

Hydrovar’s direct mounting method does not require a special adaptor, and is available for power ranges from 0.55 to 22 kW, making the retrofit process efficient, easy and cost-effective.

Extended service life with Hydrovar

Wear and tear caused by standard operation is minimized with Hydrovar, as the pump operates at a lower speed most of the time. The Hydrovar also has an embedded Current Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi) filter that lengthens the overall life of the equipment connected to the same grid, and prevents cables from overheating without the need for reactor filters.