TechnoForceā„¢ HVAC Package System - HVAC efficiency and convenience in one complete package



TECHNOFORCE™ HVAC Package System: Reduce your footprint. Increase your output. Optimize your installation.­

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One complete package for single job site delivery

Engineers and designers today face increasing pressure to deliver greater building efficiency on tighter timelines and smaller budgets. Moving from field-built to packaged pumping systems simplifies specification, installation, operation and maintenance.

Bell & Gossett’s new TECHNOFORCE HVAC Package System is a smart, efficient and cost-effective solution for commercial HVAC and pressure booster applications. With single job site delivery ready for immediate install, the packaged system offers lower total installation cost and easy installation for new construction or retrofit. What’s more, the TECHNOFORCE HVAC Package System promotes sustainability efforts by minimizing life cycle costs while saving energy and reducing waste.

The system is available from 40 stock part numbered HVAC skids, consisting of two to three end suction pumps, controls, valves and headers, and a flow range of approximately 200-3400 GPM.


The TECHNOFORCE HVAC Package System is configurable with two to three Bell & Gossett e-1531 pumps. System control is sensorless with each package pre-programmed at our facility. Optional flow splits ensure complete system redundancy and peace of mind for your HVAC pumping needs.


The TECHNOFORCE HVAC package system includes:

  • Up to three Xylem pumps capable of delivering water to required heights
  • Pre-programmed stations fully tested for flow and pressure up to 175 PSI boost for trusted performance
  • Driver and pump failure protection to help keep the system running
  • Time-saving BMS communication that provides system performance data remotely
  • 5.7" LED color touchscreen interface for smoother navigation of the system and unmatched data displayed
  • Stainless steel grooved manifolds and optional flanges to simplify installation


HVAC package stock skids provide a turnkey solution that:

  • Reduce labor and installation time with a single job site delivery of a plug, plumb and play solution
  • Enable higher capacities in a smaller footprint than competitors through use of our end suction pumps
  • Result in shorter lead times to accommodate late design finalization by having a range of standard stocked models that meet the majority of market demand
  • Consist of models that fit through a standard 36” doorway making them very attractive for retrofit and new construction
  • Help meet decarbonization goals by optimizing system performance to reduce power consumption and carbon emissions

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To build and operate an efficient water system, you need both the right products and experts who know the application. Bell & Gossett’s trusted network of partners have the experience you need to get the job done right. Our nearly 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing packaged systems translates into lower energy consumption, as well as reduced installation and maintenance costs.

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