YSI DB1750 Metocean Buoy

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Station-Keeping Data Monitoring Buoy

The YSI DB1750 Multi Purpose Metocean Buoy has a design life of 10 years and is manufactured from UV stabilised LLDPE with a environmentally friendly polyurethane filling. Being IALA compliant, the DB1750 has been deployed globally both in a NavAid capacity and for environmental monitoring. The DB1750 provides a rugged, long life, lightweight buoy whilst reducing the long term maintenance expense typically associated with floating aids to navigation.

Product Features
  • Up to 6 moon pools - black or yellow (150mm or 220mm dia) for easy deployment of environmental instruments.
  • Access to Top section with through a sideways opening,waterproof, locakble hatch. Top Section suitable for data logging and telemetry systems. Includes separate battery compartment.
  • Up to 360W solar power capability (120W around top section and 240W around battery compartment).
  • Ability to add profiling winch to existing moon pool.
  • Real time data capabliity means the DB1750 is perfect aid for vessel navigation through channels, ports and harbours.


  • Long-term strength and security - The float section is internally cross-braced with stainless steel rods that are connected to stainless steel bushings in mooring and lifting eyes.
  • UV-stabilised low density polyethylene - rotationally moulded to form a seamless hull, 12mm thick, providing more resistance to collision damage and puncture.
  • Stability – Achieved by filling the float section with a calculated amount of reinforced concrete as ballast.

Robust Design

  • A float section, battery section and a top section form an abrasion resistant, shock absorbing buoy able to withstand knocks and/or collisions.
  • The float section has a moulded slip resistant surface and SS316 grip bar to provide additional safety during deployment and station maintenance.


  • Fixed water quality
  • Profiling water quality
  • Current monitoring
  • Wave monitoring
  • Weather and Navaid monitoring

Are you looking for recommended moorings?

View our DB1750 Data Buoy Spec Sheet for technical details and mooring information.




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