Interactive Training

Explore the latest in interactive training with tools such as the V.A.R.I. Challenge, Xylem Farm, and the Wastewater Panel Wiring Simulator. Test your knowledge and learn more about Goulds Water Technology products.

V.A.R.I. Challenge

Can you successfully test the voltage, amperage, resistance, and insulation (VARI) levels using a multimeter to verify the performance of our Solo2 VFD? To play, simply follow the on-screen instructions and click or tap to drag the leads from the multimeter to the Solo2 and to turn the multimeter dial. For additional assistance, we’ve included links to GWT Service Manuals and special video tips from GWT Training Manager Tom Stephan. Use them wisely.

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Xylem Farm

Efficiently managing water is one of the most critical activities on a farm. Productivity and profitability depend on the reliability of the various pumping systems. Xylem offers a complete solution for water management. Our pumps and other equipment are pivotal in a wide range of irrigation, drainage, washdown, wells and waste handling applications. You have many opportunities to improve water management — the one name you need to know is Xylem.

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Wastewater Panel Wiring Simulator

Using this interactive simulator you'll learn how to successfully complete wiring for a wastewater panel supporting three float systems for duplex operations.

Each step includes helpful links to Goulds Water Technology Service Manuals. Plus, at the conclusion of the simulator you will unlock access to watch a troubleshooting video from GWT Training Manager Tom Stephan to use in the field.

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